Cold Spring Harbor Huntington Soccer Club


Cold Spring Harbor Huntington Soccer Cub (CSHHSC) is pleased to announce that we will be offering scholarships to graduating seniors in the names of 2 individuals who have displayed outstanding service to our Club and its members.  All applicants for this scholarship must be graduating high school seniors, have played for the Cold Spring Harbor Huntington Soccer Club for at least five years and have gone above and beyond in service of the Club and our soccer community. We will also look to choose recipients who embody the qualities of the individuals these scholarships are named for and honor, specifically leadership, dedication, work ethic and selflessness.  The applicant must submit an essay of 300 – 500 words (no more, typewritten) describing the impact of CSHHSC and soccer on their lives, how they have exhibited the above qualities of those honored by these scholarships and how they have generously given of themselves for the good of the Club and the soccer community. The criteria used in awarding the scholarships include length of involvement with Club, additional service to Club and the essay describing your CSHHSC soccer experience.

The scholarship application deadline is April 15, 2023.  The Club Board will announce all scholarship awards before the end of the spring Travel season.

All applications and essays should be emailed to: